Купить билеты можно в кассе театра «Мюзик-Холл», а также в театральных кассах города.
New Year's performances of «Die Zauberflöte» and «Die Fledermaus» on Channel 78

Dear friends!

St. Petersburg State Music Hall Theatre and TV channel 78 have prepared a special New Year's gift for you. On holidays you can see two bright performances of the theater and enjoy wonderful music without leaving home.

On January 5 at 18.20 and January 9 at 12.45 TV channel 78 will show the recent premiere of the Music Hall Theater – the opera «Die Zauberflöte» by W. A. Mozart. The immortal music of the Austrian composer will be performed by The St. Petersburg Northern Sinfonia Orchestra of the Music Hall Theatre  led by Maestro Fabio Mastrangelo. Performance’s mystical plot, a deep philosophical meaning of a fairy tale, the splendor of Mozart's music, combined with the high performing skills of the musicians, will create an amazing magical world and take the audience through time and space to an exotic world of wonders, where darkness dissipates and the sun shines. The mystical Singspiel will become an inexhaustible source of joy and pleasure for listeners of all ages.

On January 5 at 22.50 TV channel 78 will show «Die Fledermaus» operetta written by J. Strauss. The dazzling, bright operetta is a great decoration for the theatrical playbill of St. Petersburg. Cheerful modern plot, subtle humor, comic situations with dressing up will give the audience a real festive mood.

The performances feature soloists, choir and ballet of the Music Hall Theatre.

TV versions of performances on TV channel 78 will distract you from the hustle and bustle and sad thoughts, completely immersing you in the magical world of the theater.

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