Купить билеты можно в кассе театра «Мюзик-Холл», а также в театральных кассах города.
Concert Shakespeare Passion
Casting for musical The Makropulos Affair
A concert I Sing to You, My Russia
The Choir of the Music Hall Theatre has performed at the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral
Spring concert of The St. Petersburg Northern Sinfonia Orchestra at the House of Scientists
A troupe was formed at the Music Hall Theatre
Gala concert «For the Sake of Women»
Сoncert «Delightful Rossini»
Musical «Treasure Island». Premiere!
«The Frog Princess». «Music and Fairy Tale»
Julia Strizhak visits Winter International Arts Festival in Sochi
A press conference dedicated to the premiere of the «Treasure Island» musical
A concert «Masculine v. Feminine»
Concert «Leningrad Notebook»
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