Купить билеты можно в кассе театра «Мюзик-Холл», а также в театральных кассах города.

Carrying out events

St.Petersburg State Music Hall Theatre offers several possibilities for the companies, enterprises and corporations, in organization of the concerts, dedicated to the state, professional and calendar celebrations, anniversary dates. 
A professional creative group will help to create and hold just that event, which your company needs.
All the celebration concert conceptions are developed individually; they include scenario creation, invitation of the artists, scenery selection, special effects etc.

Possibilities of the creative group:

  • Development of the concert program idea; 
  • Creation of the original scenario;
  • Creation of the scenario-directorial plan; 
  • Development of the set design;
  • Installation and dismantling of sets and technical equipment; 
  • Casting of actors and groups, according to the customer’s wishes;
  • Invitation of the popular performers and selection of their repertoire;
  • Video - preparation and realization;
  • Production of special effects; 
  • Production of exclusive numbers.

 PR opportunities:

  • Mass media campaigns; 
  •  Advertising in mass media;
  • Internet promotion;
  • Participation of leading TV channels such as Channel One, NTV, Russia TV Channel, Channel Five, «St.Petersburg» Channel etc. – TV programs and news;
  • Organizing of press-conferences at the Music Hall Theatre;
  • PR-actions.
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