Dear spectators!

St. Petersburg State Music Hall Theatre has joined the Bonus Shop project of the Unified St. Petersburg Citizen Card.

The citizens continue to vote on development issues of St. Petersburg under the City Dialogue service on the website of the Unified St. Petersburg Citizen Card and in the mobile application of the same name. For each survey they have taken part in, the card holder receives 20 points in their personal account.

From now on, the accumulated points can be exchanged in the Bonus Shop. Tickets to St. Petersburg museums, theatres, and concert venues are available on its electronic shop front.

Getting a theatre or museum ticket is easy! The holder needs to accumulate 500 points for active participation in voting once and obtain the Expert status. Then he or she needs to go to the Bonus Shop via their personal account, select the tickets they like (or another prize), and click on the Exchange button. After the exchange of bonus points for the selected thank-you gift from the city, a personal electronic certificate with a unique ID number will be automatically sent to the holder's personal account. At the user’s request, the certificate can be copied to e-mail.

The most active holders of this card can swap their points for tickets for productions staged in various genres and for various ages at the leading St. Petersburg theatres, including St. Petersburg State Music Hall Theatre.

Please note: e-certificates for the selected theatre performances may be exchanged for tickets no later than one day before the performance date.

The playbill is available on the portal.