The St. Petersburg Northern Sinfonia Orchestra of the Music Hall Theatre

The State Music Hall Theatre has two orchestras – The St. Petersburg Northern Sinfonia Orchestra and The St.Petersburg  Northern Sinfonietta Chamber Orchestra.

The St.Petersburg Northern Sinfonia Orchestra was founded on June 1, 2016, under the leadership of Fabio Mastrangelo – Artistic Director of the Music Hall Theatre.

Since the very first days of its artistic life The St.Petersburg Northern Sinfonia Orchestra a has taken part in several significant St.Petersburg events, such as the 100th anniversary celebration of the Lenfilm studio; the I International Festival of Arts "Elena", held by the Elena Obraztsova International Academy Of Music; the Gatchina International Alexander Brass-parade and the V St.Petersburg International Festival "All Together Opera" among others.

The 2016–2017 Season has become a kind of a durability test for the new orchestra: the first concert of the season showed the highest degree of professionalism and musicians’ readiness to work with world best soloists. 

The orchestra collaborates with pianists such as Ekaterina Mechetina, Polina Osetinskaya and Giuseppe Albanese, violinist Sergei Girshenko, saxophonist Ola Asdahl Rokkones (Norway), clarinetist Giampiero Sobrino (Italy), Swiss artists Christina Harnisch (piano) and Sebastian Braun (cello), soloists of the Mikhailovsky and Mariinsky theatres and of the Elena Obraztsova International Academy Of Music.

The performance of the St.Petersburg Northern Sinfonia Orchestra at the V St.Petersburg International Cultural Forum became a very important page in the orchestra’s history.  Especially for this concert the program Music and Cinema: together or apart?, was created. The program is dedicated to the Year of Russian cinema and contains fragments of the Russian cinema music over 100 years of the Russian cinematograph. Famous French composer Éric Serra was one of the honorable guests of this concert-discussion.

The orchestra repertoire embraces both Russian and foreign classis and works of the modern composers, such as St.Petersburg premieres of "The tale of Taliesin" written by the Norwegian composer Martin Romberg and Toru Takemitsu’s "Vers, L'arc-en-ciel, Palma" for oboe d’amur, guitar and orchestra.

Coming projects include performances at the various music festivals in St.Petersburg and beyond, concerts at the Grand and Small Halls of the St.Petersburg Philharmonia and other events, which demonstrate active involvement of the orchestra in cultural life of our city.
The high level of artistry of the orchestra’s musicians, participation of talented young artists in the programs, the urge to broaden the repertoire by performing the works of contemporary authors, as well as the expertise and incredible charm of Fabio Mastrangelo attract a lot of admires to the concerts in different countries of the world.

The St.Petersburg Northern Sinfonietta Chamber Orchestra is a part of the St.Petersburg Northern Sinfonia Orchestra .

The St.Petersburg Northern Sinfonia Orchestra 
Full orchestra roster

1st violins

1.    Sandra Shinder – Concertmaster 

2.    Irina Danilova – Assistant Concertmaster 
3.    Lyudmila Kabashko 
4.    Zhuldyz Bukina 
5.    Ekaterina Sapogova 
6.    Andrei Timofeev 
7.    Maria Shkredova 
8.    Konstantin Dragunov  
9.    Marina Kozlova 
10.  Maria Kurushina 
11.  Marina Vasilieva  
12.  Mikhail Sokolov 

2nd violins
1.    Olga Chernova – Principal Second Violin
2.    Yulia Iskhakova – Assistant Principal Second Violin
3.    Lyubov Gavrilova 
4.    Ksenia Lizina 
5.    Lilia Sitdykova 
6.    Boris Kuznetsov 
7.    Yulia Karavashkina 
8.    Victoria Danilova 
9.    Olga Ulyanova 
10.  Maria Bomstein 

1.    Dmitri Yakubovsky – Principal Viola 
2.    Alexei Ageev – Assistant Principal Viola
3.    Natalia Delazari 
4.    Olga Kochegura 
5.    Philipp Buin
6.    Nikolai Tsykunov
7.    Tatiana Komissarova 
8.    Nadezhda Chumovitskaya 

1.    Maria Malyshkina – Principal Cello
2.    Tatiana Tutynina – Assistant Principal Cello
3.    Vladimir Virok-Stoletov 
4.    Ekaterina Zaplakhova 
5.    Darya Stepanova 
6.    Evgenia Ignatova
7.    Olga Novichenko 

Double Basses
1.    Ilya Finkelstein – Principal Double Bass 
2.    Artem Rychagov – Assistant Principal Double Bass 
3.    Alexander Lazarev 
4.    Mikhail Chernikov 

1.    Georgy Dolgov – Principal Flute 
2.    Maria Polishchuk – Second Flute 
3.    Varvara Zakharova – Piccolo and Third Flute 

1.    Alexei Golovin – Principal Oboe
2.    Svetlana Belousova – Second Oboe 
3.    Rolan Dumbadze  – Cor Anglais and Third Oboe 

1.    Evgeny Krivoshein – Principal Clarinet
2.    Renat Rakov – Second Clarinet 
3.    Sergei Ushakov – Third Clarinet and Bass Clarinet 

1.    Andrei Kunyavsky – Principal Bassoon
2.    Alexander Tsurkan – Second Bassoon 
3.    Arthur Kanatov – Third Bassoon and Contrabassoon  

1.    Ilya Goryachev – Principal Horn
2.    Yakov Dzedik – Second Horn
3.    Andrei Mikhailov – Third Horn  
4.    Ivan Vasiliev – Fourth Horn 

1.    Oleg Grechnev – Principal Trumpet
2.    Nikolai Markov – Second Trumpet

1.    Sergey Ostafiychuk – Principal Trombone 
2.    Ivan Kondrashkov – Second Trombone 
3.    Andrei Tomilov – Bass Trombone 

 1.  David Dzedik

1.    Alexander Shalimov – Principal Percussion, Timpani
2.    Nikolai Ryzhov         
3.    Boris Nikonov

1.    Antonina Shishkanova

1.    Olga Kotlyarova