Купить билеты можно в кассе театра «Мюзик-Холл», а также в театральных кассах города.
Meet-and greet with creators of the opera La traviata opera held at Bookvoed 11 November
TV channel Saint Petersburg: Renovation to bring about large-scale renewal of Music Hall theatre 10 November
Music Hall theatre granting 20 % discount on the Makropulos secret musical 9 November
Music Hall theatre gives concert In the Kingdom of Mystic 9 November
Music Hall theatre celebrates National Unity Day with concert 4 November
Anna Vikulina takes part in 4th All-Russian Music Competition 3 November
Julia Strizhak elaborates on future transformation of theatre after its renovation 3 November
Vinyl musical nominated for Golden Soffit, St. Petersburg’s highest theatre award 3 November
Broadcast of musical and literary project I Am A Poet, Sailor and Warrior 1 November
Fabio Mastrangelo and Vladimir Koshevoy take part in Morning in St. Petersburg programme 1 November
Alisa Kokova and Vadim Ryabushkin pwrform live on TV channel 78 1 November
Music Hall theatre summarises results of audition for its chorus 31 October
International Silver Lyre Festival opens with concert of the St. Petersburg Northern Sinfonia orchestra 28 October
TV channel Saint Petersburg: Excerpts from Cherevichki opera by Tchaikovsky performed at Music Hall theatre for the first time 27 October
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