Купить билеты можно в кассе театра «Мюзик-Холл», а также в театральных кассах города.

Honourable audience!

St. Petersburg State Music Hall Theatre is partially accessible to all categories of people with disabilities.

We offer you to acquaint yourselves with the information on how to ensure access to the St. Petersburg State Music Hall Theatre for people with disabilities, about the peculiarities of services rendered to such visitors and additional assistance from the staff of the theater.

Special conditions for visiting the theater are prescribed for people with musculoskeletal disorders and visitors in wheelchairs:

  • During any event, the theatre can take no more than 2 guests in wheelchairs;
  • Please note that due to the architectural design of the theatre building, we can only accept guests in wheelchairs of mechanical type;
  • Please note that the theatre does not provide special sanitation facilities for people with  musculoskeletal disorders  and visitors in wheelchairs;
  • There is a sign for visually impaired in Braille script on the facade of the theater building, to the right of the main entrance. It contains information about the name of the organization, the operating time of the theater ticket office and contact information. Below there is a button to call the staff; 
  • In the inner rooms of the theater cash window, a window of administrator and toilets  are equipped with a special signs for visually impaired.

To arrange a visit, please contact us by phone or e-mail to get additional advice.

iv.dvornikova@musichallspb.ru, (812) 232-19-77

The administration of the Music Hall Theatre will bend every effort to make your visit to the theatre as comfortable as possible.






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