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Musical performance for children «Zlyuchka»
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Musical performance for children «Zlyuchka». PREMIER!

Based upon fairy tales about little Baba Yaga

What does becoming a good witch imply? This is the question that a little witch named Zlyuchka (lit. Spitfire) asks herself, as she is only 127 years old. ‘She is still too little,’ other witches believe. Still, her age cannot stay in the way of adventures as there is so much fun in the world! All it takes to make everything around look different is to add a little of magic.

Miracles and adventures, sorcerers and witches, fabulous metamorphoses — all this is brought within reach! A new musical performance for children called ZLYUCHKA will be shown at the Small Stage of the Music Hall Theatre.

For the first time, an old fairy tale about adventures of the little sorceress and her friend, the wise mentor Raven, will be transformed into an original musical performance. The happy-go-lucky company will turn everything upside down to the strains of lively world hit melodies. An exclusive collection of costumes and unusual design of the stage space will carry heroes and spectators away to the most marvellous places, as if by magic!

And all this is done to answer the key question, if one can become a good witch while staying a good person.

Theatre+ about Zlyuchka and Ice Flower performances
3 February
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