2021 – 2022 

Music Season Tickets 2021/2022

Season Ticket No. 1 «Maestro’s Carte Blanche»  

(4 concerts)

Concerts start at 19:00

In the 2021-2022 season, following a pause caused by the pandemic, the St. Petersburg State Music Hall Theatre resumes subscription concerts. In the new season the audience will make, together with maestro Fabio Mastrangelo, an exciting journey full of surprises, discoveries, unexpected turns and, to be sure, fine music performed by The St. Petersburg Northern Sinfonia Orchestra of the Music Hall Theatre, choir and soloists of the theatre, as well as guest soloists.

«Maestro’s Carte Blanche» Season Ticket holders will have a unique opportunity to learn the maestro Fabio Mastrangelo’s favorite music, its images and themes that excite him and occupy an important position in his life and creative work.

The first concert, «The Sea in Music», on September 22 2021, is dedicated to the marine elements presented in music. Marine scenes became a source of inspiration for composers in different epochs, of different styles and different national cultures. Fabio Mastrangelo chose, for the concert program, the works by English composers of the 19-20th centuries F. Bridge, E. Elgar, and B. Britten as well as C. Debussy’s famous work, three symphonic sketches for orchestra The Sea (La mer). As Debussy used to say: “The sea is the most musical thing in the world.”

The concert «Ravel. Music that Comes from the Heart», on October 21 2021, will plunge the audience into the charming atmosphere of creativity of Maurice Ravel, the genius of French music. “I’m sure the great music comes from the heart,” Ravel would say and adhere to this conviction all through his life. A special place in the concert is held by Pictures at an Exhibition, a piano series by M. Mussorgsky that was orchestrated by Ravel and got a new life on a large stage.

The concert «Masculine v. Feminine», on February 10 2022, is associated with the French musical culture. This exquisite program includes the works by C. Debussy, his lyrical poem La Damoiselle Elue based on the lyrics of English poet and pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabrielle Rossetti and the cantata L'enfant prodigue for which the composer was awarded the Grand Prix de Rome. It also includes a concert performance of Les mamelles de Tirésias by Francis Poulenc based on a play of the same name by G. Apollinaire, a piece that discloses the multi-faceted nature of a man and a woman.

The concert «From Russia with Love», on May 12 2022, embodies theme of Russia, a country that became maestro Mastrangelo’s second motherland. The program includes the works by Russian composers, representatives of the Mighty Handful group of artists, i.e., M. Balakirev, N. Rimsky-Korsakov and their spiritual associate S. Lyapunov. The jewel of the program is S. Prokofiev’s bizarre Russian overture which combines Russian dances, songs, subtle “feminine” lyrics, epic components and heroic elements.

September 22,  2021

First concert

«The Sea in Music»

F. Bridge. «The Sea», symphonic tone poem

E. Elgar. «Sea Pictures», song cycle for mezzo-soprano and orchestra

Soloist — Elizaveta Mikhailova

B. Britten. Four Sea Interludes from the opera «Peter Grimes» 

C. Debussy. «La mer», three symphonic sketches


October 21, 2021

Second concert

 «Ravel: Music that Comes from the Heart»

M. Ravel

«Le tombeau de Couperin», orchestral suite


«Valses nobles et sentimentales»

M. Mussorgsky — M. Ravel. «Pictures at an Exhibition»


February 10, 2022

Third concert

Masculine v. Feminine

C. Debussy. «La Damoiselle Elue», cantata for soloists, female choir and orchestra

Soloists  — Anna Vikulina and Elizaveta Mikhailova

C. Debussy. «'L'enfant prodigue», cantata

F. Poulenc. «Les mamelles de Tirésias», opera in concert performance

Soloists and choir of the Music Hall Theatre


May 12, 2022

Fourth concert

 «From Russia with Love»

S. Prokofiev. «Russian Overture»

M. Balakirev. Symphonic poem «Russia»

N. Rimsky-Korsakov. Concert Fantasy on Russian themes for violin and orchestra

The soloist will be announced later

S. Lyapunov. Solemn Overture on Russian themes


Season Ticket No.2 «Invitation to Dance»

 (4 concerts)

Concerts start at 19:00

Concerts of the «Invitation to Dance» subscription are a triumph of dancing elements that will swirl the lovers of this genre in their torrents, enabling them to see familiar works in a new perspective and discover unknown masterpieces.

The first concert, «The Life of an Artist», on October 9 2021, will present an Austrian dancing tradition established by the king of waltzes, Johann Strauss, and continued into the 20th century by Richard Strauss and Erich Wolfgang Korngold. Notably, E. W. Korngold, whose creativity was influenced by R. Strauss’s music, also orchestrated and edited a number of waltzes and operettas by J. Strauss.

The second concert «Music of the Planet», on January 20 2022, includes dancing themes and images embodied in the world’s musical culture. During the concert the audience will appreciate the Spanish colouring of the Night in Madrid by M. I. Glinka, the luxury of the Waltz, a choreographic poem by M. Ravel devised, according to the composer, as “an apotheosis of the Viennese waltz mixed in me with a perception of a fantastic and fatal whirlwind,” the originality of the Danses concertantes by I. F. Stravinsky that became a basis of many ballet productions, and the efficiency of Danzón No. 2 produced by modern Mexican composer A. Márquez.

The third concert, «The Russian Waltz», on April 7 2022, is a rare opportunity to spend an evening to the rhythms of a waltz, a source of inspiration for many Russian composers. A special place in the concert program belongs to the famous Waltz-Fantasia by M. Glinka. Starting with this work, the Russian waltz won a solid place in the symphonic genre. The waltz sounds in Russian classical symphonies, operas, and ballets. In the 20th century it was readily embraced by the movie music.

The fourth concert, «A Dance in an Opera», on June 16 2022, narrates a special story, i.e., dancing and ballet in opera. As the opera genre developed, many dances from operas became popular as self-sufficient concert events due to their flamboyancy, imagery, and rhythm. One of undeniable hits of the program is The Polovtsian Dances from A. Borodin’s opera Prince Igor. This is a jubilant celebration involving passionate, uncontrolled dances and remarkably gentle songs that invariably produce a stunning impression on the audience.

October 9, 2021

First concert

The Life of an Artist

E. Korngold. Violin Concerto

The soloist will be announced later

R. Strauss. «Der Rosenkavalier», suite from the opera

J. Strauss. «Künstlerleben», waltz


January 20, 2022

Second concert

Music of the Planet

M. Glinka. «Summer Night in Madrid», symphonic poem

M. Ravel. «La valse», choreographic poem

I. Stravinsky. Danses concertantes

A. Márquez. Danzón No. 2


April 7, 2022

Third concert

The Russian Waltz

D. Shostakovich. Waltz No. 2

S. Prokofiev. Waltz from the ballet «Cinderella»

G. Sviridov. Waltz from the music to A. Pushkin’s novel «The Snowstorm»

E. Doga. Waltz «Gramophone»

M. Glinka. «Waltz-fantasia»

A. Khachaturyan. Waltz from the music to M. Lermontov’s drama «Masquerade»

A. Petrov. Waltz from the film  «St. Petersburg Secrets»


June 16, 2022

Fourth concert

A Dance in an Opera

N. Rimsky-Korsakov. The Skomorokh Dance from the opera «The Snow Maiden»

P. Tchaikovsky. Polonaise from the opera «Eugene Onegin»

G. Verdi. Ballet «The Four Seasons» from the opera «Les vêpres siciliennes»

A. Borodin. «The Polovtsian Dances» from the opera «Prince Igor»

Ch. Gounod. «Walpurgis Night» from the opera «Faust»

R. Strauss. «Dance of the Seven Veils» from the opera  «Salome»


Season Ticket No.3  «Music and fairy tale»

Concerts start at 13:00

In the new season The Music Hall Theatre will continue the family Season Ticket «Music and Fairy Tale», which has been realized successfully. It’s a wonderful project of the theatre aimed at opening new ways to understanding classical music for children. It also contributes to development of a many-sided, creative and harmonious personality.

Season Ticket «Music and Fairy Tale» is a musical and visual action, which includes familiar characters and beautiful music accompanied by The Saint-Petersburg Northern Sinfonia Orchestra of the Music Hall Theatre. Artists Eva Sosnina and Marina Sosnina take part in the stage design, creating a fantastic world and magic atmosphere for the concerts of this Season Ticket by means of the sandy and watercolour landscapes. In new season a shadow theatre will take part in the performance «Cinderella» for the first time. 

Season Ticket «Music and Fairy Tale» will be of interest for both schoolchildren and the youngest viewers. It will help to spark children’s imagination with the help of the best fairy tales of the world’s repertoire accompanied by classical music.