Online broadcast of the concert An Evening at the Opera 27 March
St. Petersburg TV Channel about a visit of Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe to the Concert Hall at the Angliyskaya Embankment 10 March
Visit of Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe to Concert Hall on Angliyskaya Embankment 8 March
Congratulations on International Women’s Day! 8 March
Fabio Mastrangelo invites to a gala concert What Men Sing About 4 March
Congratulations on March 8th and February 23rd 4 March
On Theatre Day for You 2 March
TV channel TBN about a visit of Rev Ian Marshall 25 February
«An American in Paris» 22 February
A concert hall at Angliyskaya Embankment was visited by a priest from Australia 21 February
The results of an additional admission to the theatre’s chorus 21 February
Fabio Mastrangelo: «Now our theatre has its own audience» 18 February
Concert Love Potion Recipe dedicated to Saint Valentine's Day 13 February
Fabio Mastrangelo Speaks in the Programme Small Motherlands of Big St. Petersburg 10 February
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