Tigriy Bazhakin has won the Youth Prize of the Government of St. Petersburg 11 December
St. Petersburg Musical Bulletin about a premiere of the opera «Don Pasquale» 4 December
St. Petersburg State Music Hall Theatre went to Tallinn on tour 29 November
Cancellation of the performance «HE, SHE AND CINEMA» on 22 december 28 November
«Musical cocktail. A concert dedicated to the birthday of Maestro Fabio Mastrangelo». 28 November
An interview with Fabio Mastrangelo on the eve of the Maestro's birthday 27 November
We congratulate maestro Fabio Mastrangelo on his birthday! 27 November
Music and visual performance «The Snow Queen» 26 November
Julia Strizhak: Music Hall must be modern 23 November
The Festival «All Together Opera» is included in the list of TOP-20 of the best events of St. Petersburg 23 November
«Music Journey with Fabio Mastrangelo. Germany» 23 November
Master classes in Italy 22 November
Action «Black Friday» 21 November
Newspaper «Evening St. Petersburg»: «La magia degli antichi pianoforte» 19 November
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