II St. Petersburg International Festival «All Together Opera»

Second St. Petersburg International Festival «All Together Opera» took place in July 12 – 20, 2013. The guests of already popular open air got to hear the treasures of the Western European opera as well as the masterpieces of the Russian opera classics. All performances attracted crowds of people. About 40 000 people have visited the festival in two years.

July 12, 2013 Cathedral Square of the Peter and Paul Fortress  
«A Life for the Tsar» by M. Glinka
Glinka’s opera «A Life for the Tsar», as the brightest embodiment of patriotism in the opera art, was timed to the 400 anniversary of the Romanov House. It is symbolic that the performance was held in the heart of St.Petersburg at the Cathedral Square of the Peter and Paul Fortress close to the burial site of the Romanovs.
Director – Yulia Prokhorova
Conductor — Fabio Mastrangelo
Performers: Alexander Matveev (Susanin), Svetlana Yurchenko (Antonida), Elena Knapp (Vanya), Sergei Aleshchenko (Sobinin), State Hermitage Orchestra, Chamber Choir of the Smolny Cathedral led by Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Begeltsov.

July 14, 2013 Saint Isaac's Square
 «Faust» by Charles Gounod
Director – Victor Vysotsky
Conductor — Fabio Mastrangelo
Performers: State Hermitage Orchestra, Artem Korotkov, Natalia Evstafieva, Mikhail Nikanorov, Tamara Marchenko, Youth Chamber Choir of the Philharmonic Society of St. Petersburg

July 17, 2013 Cathedral Square of the Peter and Paul Fortress  
 «Il trovatore» by Giuseppe Verdi
In 2013 the 200th anniversary celebrations of the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi’s birth took place; staging of «Il trovatore» was dedicated to this date.
Director — Vasili Zarzhetsky
Conductor – Sergei Stadler
Performers: Victor Korotich, Vyacheslav Lukhanin, Vladislav Lesik, Elena Knapp, Alexandra Popandopulo, St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra, St. Petersburg Chamber Choir

July 20, 2013 Yelagin Island «Eugene Onegin» by Peter Tchaikovsky
Director – Elina Amromina
Conductor – Victor Sobolev
Performers: Peter Migunov, Vladimir Tselebrovsky, Olga Georgieva, Anastasia Meshchanova, Anastasia Vinogradova-Zabolotskaya, Lyudmila Shkirtil, Orchestra and Choir of the Opera and Ballet Theatre of the St. Petersburg Conservatoire