St.Petersburg International Festival All Together Opera is an annual city event that has traditionally been the center of great attention among citizens and visitors alike. The festival introduces the audience to the outstanding masterpieces of foreign and national opera classics in open-air format. Admission is free. Citizens and visitors get the chance to see the most popular worldwide opera productions completely free of charge.

The idea of the All Together Opera festival is to facilitate the process of familiarization of the audience with the best creations of human spirit. Opera makes it possible, because opera, with all its tools, is the most popular form of musical art. Opera includes singers, orchestra, choir and ballet. Opera can influence people with its ingenious visual array. Moreover, opera genre has its smash hits, which, if made available, can touch people’s hearts.

All Together Opera Festival traditionally presents its performances outside pompous opera theaters, amidst beautiful architecture of St.Petersburg, which becomes meaningful participant of the act. Cityscapes, created by different national schools and epochs of style, are utilized by the festival directors as natural backdrop and side scenes for music drama art.
This festival is an important landmark for tourists, many of whom build their culture program for visiting St.Petersburg with All Together Opera calendar in mind. Every year this important music event of St.Petersburg summer attracts large numbers of spectators, including Russian and foreign tourists. All Together Opera emphasizes the status of St.Petersburg as the cultural capital of our country and leaves the most positive impression in foreign visitors.
Each year this popular festival chooses the most interesting and beautiful open sites of our city for staging its performances. Encounter with great art in magnificent architecture creates special atmosphere and mood. Cathedral Square of Peter-and-Paul Fortress, Yelagin Island, Tsarskoye Selo, Gatchina, Alexander Park (in front of Music Hall), Saint Isaac's Square have hosted this festival at various times.