The XIV St. Petersburg International Book Salon – one of the major city projects intended for the comprehensive support, development and popularization of reading – will take place in St. Petersburg from 23 to 26 May, 2019.

Confirming the status of the cultural capital of our country, St. Petersburg attracts the broad public to the universal human values, in particular, to the literary word which, from time immemorial, has been used to formulate humanistic ideas.

This year the Book Salon will once again become a platform for an open dialogue on the role of reading, a place of interesting meetings with writers and of spectacular cultural events that will welcome everyone wishing to attend them. The Year of Theatre in Russia and the centenary of writer Daniel Granin’s birth will be the main themes of the Book Salon.

The Music Hall Theatre is an organizer of the cultural program of the Book Salon which will be held under the slogan «Word and Music to the Great City».

The opening ceremony of the St. Petersburg International Book Salon will take place on 23 May on Manezhnaya Square, featuring The St. Petersburg Northern Sinfonia Orchestra of the Music Hall Theatre under the baton of Maestro Fabio Mastrangelo and soloists of the Music Hall Theatre Anna Vikulina, Tigry Bazhakin, Sergei Kostevich and Savely Andreev.

Another significant event will take place on the opening day: the Music Hall Theatre will show a unique literary and musical performance «Brisban» which is based on the novel of the same name by Yevgeny Vodolazkin. The author of the best-selling books The Laurus and The Aviator, a winner of the Big Book and Yasnaya Polyana Awards, Evgeny Vodolazkin will appear as a narrator. The popular theater and film actor Igor Sklyar, as well as the famous Petersburg virtuoso guitarist Mikhail Radyukevich will assist him.

For four days, an eventful cultural program in the open-air format will unfold on two platforms – on Manezhnaya Square and Malaya Sadovaya Street. Musical and theatrical groups working in different genres will perform pieces of art in which texts and images are connected with literature. The festival «Word and Music to the Great City» will unite groups of several art forms, such as academic, jazz, dramatic, folk and war ones. Each of them will use an original angle of approach to the interpretation of the key themes of the Salon. The idea, which is formulated as «St. Petersburg – Book – Theater», is used as a basis for the formation of this year's program.

The main part of the cultural program will unfold on street platforms in the very heart of the city. Scenes from performances of the Petersburg drama and musical theaters will be shown there. The Music Hall Theatre will show excerpts from musicals «The Great Gatsby» and «The Picture of Dorian Gray»; special attention will be paid to the children’s plays of the theatre such as «Winnie-the-Pooh and all-all-all», «Mary Poppins Is With Us,“Mowgli»  and «Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland».  Baltic House Theatre-Festival will show fragments from the performance «Theatrical Novel», Liteiny Theatre – excerpts from the production «The Cherry Orchard. Silence», The Andrei Mironov Russian Antrepriza Theater will present the project «Little Tragedies. Mozart and Salieri», and the Musical Comedy Theater - a new musical «A Million Dollar Girl».

Guests of the Book Salon will be offered shows of the best musical groups, including  «Markscheider Kunst», «MonKikhot», rock band «Svod», «Band of Classicoff» and young St. Petersburg band «Koritsa project». The Glow Orchestra will perform popular hits, while leading artists of St. Petersburg musical theaters will prepare a special program “The Hour of Musical”. The Russian singer, Honoured Artist of Russia Marina Kapuro is the guest of honor of the cultural program.

Admirers of jazz will be able to enjoy performance of the legendary St. Petersburg jazzman David Goloshchekin and his ensemble, as well as musical compositions played by the female ensemble «Jazz sisters».

The cultural program of the Book Salon will give the audience a joy of meeting with famous Russian writers, in particular with St. Petersburg poet Marina Katsuba. Much attention will be paid to the presentations of new books.

Interactive zones that are intended to involve children in the educational game processes, to arouse active interest of citizens in the immersion into the book culture world, will appear throughout all the premises of the Book Salon. Carnival processions, clowns, theater on stilts and many other things are awaiting St. Petersburg residents.

In Malaya Sadovaya Street an unusual art objects will be set up there such as «Ballerinas» and telephone booths «Call the Poet», allowing anyone who feels like it to hear the voices of celebrated men of letters including Dovlatov, Blok and Granin.

The dramatic concept of each of the project days is based on the alternation of famous writers’ appearances and presentations of books with musical and theatrical numbers will ensure a diverse, full of interesting events cultural program of the XIV St. Petersburg International Book Salon.



Of the XIII St. Petersburg International Book Salon


Presenter of the ceremonial opening of the cultural program of the XIII St. Petersburg International Book Salon - Honoured Artist of Russia Mikhail Morozov.

1. Performance of The Saint-Petersburg Northern Sinfonia Orchestra of the Music Hall Theatre led by Fabio Mastrangelo
2. Performance of the Opera Choir of the Music Hall Theatre led by the Honoured Artist of Russia Valentina Kopylova-Panchenko


Performance of the Prize Winners and finalists of the II International Competition of Recitation «Zoshchenko Aloud!».
Presenter – great-granddaughter of the writer, artist and anchorwoman – Vera Zoshchenko.  

«Musicals’ world hits» performed by the leading artists of the music theatres of St. Petersburg.

Performance of the Prize Winner of the international and All-Russian competitions Folk Ensemble of the St. Petersburg State Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire. «Songs of the Petersburg province».

Performance of the Ensemble «Saratov harmonica».
Performers: Valery Fatyushkin and Sergei Shalimov.

Excerpts from the reconstruction of the first Russian opera on music of Francesco Araja, libretto by A. Sumarokov «Céphale et Procris» performed by the Ensemble «Soloists of Catherine the Great».

Performance of the Prize Winner of the international competition, ensemble «Clasicoffs’ Band».
Soloist: Lev Elgardt.

Performance of the Orchestra of Firemen and Rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia for St. Petersburg.

Performance of the Combined Military Orchestra of the Navy Military Scientific and Research Center «The Navy Academy».
Conductor: DmitriMisyura.

Performance of the Combined Military Orchestra of the Navy Military Scientific and Research Center «The Navy Academy».
Conductor: Dmitri Misyura.

Silentfilmshow. «Raskolnikov» film based on the F. Dostoevsky’s novel «Crime and Punishment». Screen adaptation of 1923, directed by Robert Wiene.The film is being demonstrated with a live music accompaniment (piano) performed by Victor Vysotsky.



Presenter: Vladimir Rekshan

Thedocumentarycycle «Homelands». «Homelands of big St. Petersburg» is a special project about historical districts of the city: Ligovka, Kupchino, Sementsy, Peski, Ozerki, Rzhevka-Porokhovye, Kolomna, Lakhta, Gavan and others. Old timers, local historians, writers, artists and painters will tell about history of the place and time.

Group «Borisevich».

Rock group«Upstream».  
Rock group «Unhelpful Advice».

Rock group «FomaEgorych».
Rock group «Rock-state».

Rock group «Music Lovers».
Rock group «Savoyary».

Rock group «Altavista».

Rock group «TEL».
Rock group «Stepanov’s Starlings».


Presenter: NikitaPlashchevsky
«Musicmeetings». Poets and bards perform the works dedicated to the city on the Neva.

Performance of the «HAND MADE» Theatre.
Music visual performance G. Rodari «Cippolino».
The Saint-Petersburg Northern Sinfonia Orchestra of the Music Hall Theatre, conductor – Fabio Mastrangelo, narrator – film and theatre actor Andrei Noskov. Director – Alla Maslovskaya.

The launching of the book by the well-known Russian publicist and politician Nikolai Starikov.

X City Festival «Poetry of the Streets 2018».
Author of the project, President of the «Poetry of the Streets» Foundation, St. Petersburg poetess Lyusya Morentsova.

Performance of the only female jazz group in Russia Smooth Kats.
Performance of the David Goloshchekin Jazz Music Ensemble.



Presenter: Roman Zaidullin
Performance of the Children’s Music group «Fontan.chick».
Performance of the Music Children’s Theatre «Rainbow». Music program «Songs from «Smeshariki» and «Flying Animals»».
Directors: Marina Landa and Sergei Vasiliev
Lecture-concert dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Marius Petipa. Assistant Professor of the Vaganova Ballet Academy, ballet historian Olga Rozanova. Performance of the students of the Vaganova Ballet Academy.
Performance of the Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the troops of the Russian National Guard.

Performance of the St. Petersburg State Music Hall Theatre. Excerpts from the children’s musicals: «Ali Baba and 40 songs of Persian Bazaar», «Winnie-The-Pooh and All, All, All», «Mary Poppins Is With Us», «Alice in Wonderland», «Mowgli».
Performance of the Olympic Brass Ensemble with a jazz program.
Artistic Director: Stepanov Alexei.
Performance of the First Children’s Variety Centre
The launching of the book by the writer, publicist, translator of the foreign films Dmitri Puchkov (Goblin).

Performance of the participant of the TV projects «Main Stage», «Live Sound», «Dances with Stars», Honoured Artist of Republic of Tatarstan Albert Zhalilov and Expromt Quintet Ensemble.
Performance of the group «Speech Impediment». Maria Bulat and Yuri Elsky.
Performance of the Military Ensemble of Song and Dance of the Border Guards «Nevsky Watch».

The first day of the XIV St. Petersburg International Book Salon
23 May
The second day of the XIV St. Petersburg International Book Salon
24 May
The third day of the XIV St. Petersburg International Book Salon
25 May
The fourth day of the XIV St. Petersburg International Book Salon
26 May