Musical for all family «Alice's Adventures in Wonderland»
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Neither young audience, nor adults could remain indifferent while seeing and listening to the brilliant musical for all family, with its unique costumes made by the well-known designer Alina German, accompanied by spectacular stage effects and catchy tunes. 

The story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland will sparkle with new colors at the Music Hall Theatre. The battle between good and evil, the confrontation between the White Queen and the Red Queen, adults' and children's worlds – all these contradictory realities will find harmony and mutual understanding thanks to the power of the human heart.

It was sunny May day, long, long ago, when one witty Englishman had told a little girl an intricate story. More than 100 years have passed since then, but this tale has remained attractive to the children from all over the world, although it seems that at present it’s not necessary at all to run after the White Rabbit in order to be lost in unknown - it’s enough just to find a television remote control or to get online.

But what’s so special about Wonderland? Or may be about Alice? Our performance is an attempt to find an answer. It’s also a reminder that even in a modern world, where reality and fiction, true and lie coexist, where they are intertwined and sometimes mixed up to please unfair gamblers, there is room for true wonders, love, hope and dream.  

Musical «Alice's Adventures in Wonderland» is not just everyone's favorite story of a curious girl’s journey to a fairyland; it’s also colourful various sets, amazing showy costumes, witty acting and brilliant expressive music. 

Unique sets made by the well-known artist Petr Okunev fully recreate the fantastic world, which Lewis Carroll described in his «Alice's Adventures in Wonderland», and will help an audience to be deep in magic.

But the most important part of a musical is its music itself. The gifted composer Vladimir Baskin has created beautiful melodies which undoubtedly will become very popular among young audience.


Unbelievable phantasmagoric costumes by the St.Petersburg fashion designer Alina German will add a special charm and a bohemian element to the performance. 

So many colors and mysteries, so much good and beauty are kept at Wonderland, which is well-known but at the same time personal for everybody! 

Music Director
Fabio Mastrangelo
Vladimir Baskin
Stage Director
Irina Fokina
Set designer
Petr Okunev
Costume designer
Alina German
Sofia Zhuravleva
Sofia Zhuravleva and Nikolai Gol
Lighting designer
Ivan Nikitin
Video content
Vadim Dulenko
Alina Atlasova / Tamara Kotova
Alice’s sister/The Red Queen
Yulia Asorgina / Daria Kozhina
Second sister /The White Queen
The Golden Sofit Prize Winner Lina Nova (Karambol Muisc Theatre), Prize Winner at the international competitions Anna Denisova (Mariinsky Theatre)
Mad Hatter
Prize Winner at the international competitions Anton Avdeev
Constantine Kitanin / Alexander Chernyshev / Miroslav Fedyuchek (Karambol Muisc Theatre)
White Rabbit
Dmitri Kochkin / Miroslav Fedyuchek (Karambol Muisc Theatre)
Cheshire Cat
Albert Mkrtchyan / Ilya Rus
Oleg Kalabayev / Roman Nikitin
Alena Bylugina / Maria Mukupa / Tatiana Semenitskaya
The Caterpillar
Artem Bordovsky / Gleb Shchur
The March Hare
Alexander Golden / Ilya Rus
Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, The Golden Mask Prize Winner Elena Ternovaya / Alena Bulygina
Oleg Kalabayev / Roman Nikitin
Dmitri Kochkin / Miroslav Fedyuchek (Karambol Muisc Theatre)
Children, Morals,– Alena Bulygina, Alexander Golden, Olga Krasnykh, Maria Mukupa, Ilya Rus, Anna Sukhovetchenko, Anastasia Telyupa, Miroslav Fedyuchek, Irina Chumantyeva
Star, Jellyfish, Octopus, Lobster, Seashell, Cards, Chess, Trees, Jabberwockies – Sofia Vorontsova, Maria Gushchina, Ilya Zabotin, Dmitri Komarov, Natalia Molodozhen, Arkady Moravetsky, Vadim Rogozin, Sergei Khudyakov.
Ballet (Children’s studio of the Music Hall Theatre):
Flowers, little hedgehogs – Sofia Baryshnikova, Vasilisa Goncharova, Veronica Krasyukova, Avrora Lavrova, Anastasia Lalazarova, Maria Stepanyan, Lidia Shchukina.
Ensemble of the choir soloists of the Music Hall Theatre:
Anna Vikulina, Darya Gulyaeva, Anna Erokhina, Natalia Korzh, Elizaveta Lisetskaya, Anastasia Mikhalevskaya, Svetlana Skabelkina, Olga Shiryaeva, Ivan Ermakovich, Daniil Larionov, Alexei Polishchuk, Kirill Chechins.
Irgor Potosky